Friday, February 13, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter!

I totally wasn't planning on bowling last night. I was planning on drinking some beers and cheering on the I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter team when I get a text from Jonathan asking me to step in for him tonight. At first I was a little upset because I wanted to talk to him about "Operation Cornification" and gauge how it went down in order to start properly planning Phase 2. I quickly got over it though. Then came the phone call from Jonathan. I guess he was trying to lock me into bowling for him. I wasn't really thinking about it. You know, bowling - no big deal. Until I remembered that I was wearing a skirt. Onisha was saying it shouldn't be a big deal. Yeah, no big deal.
So, we were up against a team named 3 Strikers and a G. One of those 3 strikers has had 2 close encounters with a perfect 300 game. No pressure. None whatsoever. Riiiiiiiiiight...
I started off fairly horribly - 3 gutterballs in a row. Ouch! No biggie, right? Solution: More beer. I guess I'm one of those bowlers who gets "better" as they drink more.
A couple of frames into the first (of 3 games), Tom commented on my technique. I was leaning forward TOO much and looked like I was going to fall over. Of course I laughed it off and tried to remain cool and collected. Well, Tom's little dream came true and I FELL. ZebrasOMGZebras!!!! I'm not sure if I flashed anyone in the process either. And naturally, it became the running joke. Hey, at least I was a good sport about it! (It was the beer). Now my knees hurt. :(
I did have fun though. We lasted 3 games. We lost 3 games but the exciting part was in the 3rd game which contained the favourite: Beer Frame. It's technically supposed to last 1 frame but we kept the scores tied for about 4 frames until finally, 3 Strikers and a G got thirsty and bought us a pitcher (even though I think we lost).
And it kept getting better. Afterwards, Tom and I took a visit to another establishment down the street: Pink Pony. We threw some dollar bills on stage and called it a night.
Alls I can say is that Jonathan AND Onisha missed out on some hilarious-ness. But I bet if Oni had bowled in place of me, we would have won.