Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doe Deere + Unicorn = Best Birthday Theme EVER!!

My favourite beauty blogger had a birthday recently and in her truly fabulous style, she had a fairy tale theme where she was my favourite thing in the universe: a unicorn!
As much as I love reading her blog, I haven't been lately because I've been sidetracked by many things so today, I decided to check in after about 2 months and there she was, in her unicorned glory! She always has the best makeup tips and tutorials and her articles are always inspiring to me simply because it's wonderful to see another talented woman doing what she wants in the way of art, fashion and everything else! It seems like she never sleeps because she's either modeling, working on her cosmetic line: Lime Crime, traveling and everything else you can imagine!
Her makeup tutorials and tips are the BEST! (My favourite was the Becoming Fafi tutorial - which loosely inspired my red and black Valentine's Day look). I try to play with the styles she does every time, I just have a hard time blending because I have NO experience on my own - Oni and Lala always did it for me - and when I did it on my own, I would lose patience, hence all the monochromatic eyelids (if you've seen me out and about). Every once in awhile, I try to utilize the bright colours I have acquired but I keep the blending to a minimum. Doe Deere's tutorials are so helpful, they make me forget what a pain blending is and it makes the whole process fun for me - even though I'm still clumsy in the blending department. But in doing her tutorials, I've noticed that what I always knew was right: What I can do on one side, I can't do on the other. Examples: In knitting, I can't knit the same thing twice right away (sleeves, gloves, ears...), when doing cat eyes with liquid liner, I have to draw them on with pencil first to make a line to trace with liquid liner later or else I'm in the bathroom for hours trying to make it symmetrical, with eye shadow, I always end up uneven somehow (one side looks amazing and the other side looks sloppy or heavy), when I'm making notes / postcards, I can't make the same design twice - no matter how much I ♥ it, it will NEVER come out right.
So, when I'm doing Doe Deere's make up tutorials, I try to do each part at the same time on both eyes. It's hard and annoying and I usually end up starting over on one eye or putting my own spin on it. Either way, she is an inspiration to me in many ways and I hope that she can be an inspiration to you. (Maybe next, I'll take her fashion advice and stop being such a chicken and start dressing the way I want to again. But it was so much easier in high school...*le sigh*)