Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fuck Yeah Kissing!

I never submit / contribute anything to sites because I feel like my contributions just aren't that good enough. But there is one site that I did submit a story to and I'm glad they blogged it.
On the tumblogs, there's a wonderful page called Fuck Yeah Kissing, a place to post stories and photos of your first kiss or your favourite kiss or whatever involves kissing. It's not vulgar at all and I love it because I think kissing is one of the best activities a couple can do. So, feeling all nostalgic, I decided I would submit (one of) my favourite kissing moments, hoping it would get posted and it did! I came across it today, as a matter of fact.
How exciting! I probably could have written it better but I got swept up in the moment, replaying it in my mind over and over just to get the details right. I remember it as if it were yesterday (when, in fact, it was 10 years ago). What makes it feel like a not too distant memory is that I drive by the area it took place on my way home from work as my back road / scenic route to avoid the highway. I can still remember all the little details because it was so cinematic (in my memory, at least) that of course I would remember every single thing. And it was a cinematic kiss with my first true love. Why not share that? Especially on such a great site.
Thanks for posting my kissing story, Fuck Yeah Kissing, and keep up the good work!