Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm eagerly awaiting the reunion special now...

Who didn't see that coming? I mean, honestly. How could you not know that Daisy would pick Jeremy Lee over Flex and 12 Pack? How?
I missed the first 15 minutes or so and started watching just in time to see 12 Pack get left at the airport (ice cold!). And then there was the battle of Flex VS London. I knew once 12 Pack was gone that it would be London in the end. I mean, who could refuse this:

All dreamy and coordinated. She had just spent time with him so his crazy spark of lust, love and mohawks was still lingering in her heart. And Natasha's words still echoed in her brain sending shock waves that couldn't be ignored any longer: "Sex addict". Who doesn't want that in a mate? She's struck gold, that there Daisy has! That lucky girl. I knew she'd be thinking with her va-jay-jay instead of her heart. But we all have priorities, right? And London is there; available, waiting, wanting, lusting, writing songs about her...Wait. What? Yeah, it's easy for a girl to get swept off her feet by someone writing songs about her. I definitely know (and miss it but hey...).
So, to no one's surprise, London won and (hopefully) they will live happily ever after. And even though I was rooting for them to end up together, this still made me sick:

Get a room, you two! You're making everybody sick with your rabid dry-humping. Good thing bronzed out Flex wasn't there to enjoy all that action. Oh well. I'm sure he'll be great comedy relief during the reunion show and he'll happily get back with his ex. Let's hope Daisy will bring him back to torment the new contestants on the inevitable Daisy of Love 2.
I still love you, London. Sex-crazed maniac and all. *Swoon*


PS - London was the 4th Dreamboat in the She Loves You tumble blog Dreamboat of the Day series. Too bad he can't be a repeat offender. Or can he???