Friday, July 10, 2009

The origins of the "Dreamboat of the Day"

The other day, my BF and I were trying to find something to watch on TV when we stumbled upon Cartoon Network's new "Real" thing that they're doing. I stopped in the hopes that it would be Destroy Build Destroy so that I could check out Andrew W.K. and lo and behold, it was what we had stopped on but it was...a little boring. Well, at first. The best part would have to be (of course) when they're blowing shit up at the end! But the only reason I stayed on it was for one thing: Mr. Party Hard's smile.
I will admit, a few years back I HATED Andrew W.K. with a passion. My thought was, "Who the FUCK sings about partying ALL THE TIME??? Who?!" But someone showed me the then controversial I Get Wet album cover and I put aside the grossness of his always sweaty white jeans and tee and thought to myself, "Man, that guy is hot - even with a bloody nose". But I still didn't like his music.
So, I went on with my dilemma: being very attracted to Andrew W.K. but hating his music until one Warped Tour summer in 2002 or 2003. I was on my way to Tiger Army (I think) and I looked over to the main stage where Andrew W.K. was performing with none other than my friend Roury Miller on his shoulders. Something happened to me that day. Something awesome. I ditched my friends who were on their way to Tiger Army (I think) and went over to Andrew W.K.'s audience. Everyone was smiling and! It was the greatest thing I had ever seen! I forgot about hating his music and LOVED it. I loved all of it - the show, the crowd, the sweaty jeans and tee, the long, greasy, sweaty black hair, the partying - EVERYTHING. Like a moth to a flame, I bought "I Get Wet" and played the hell out of it. I still do, actually. But there is one song in particular by Mr. W.K. that gets me all riled up: Make Sex. Well, it's not really a song as much as it is the world's greatest anthem - next to Party Hard, of course!
A year later (I think), I went to see him at the Masquerade with my BF (one of the few shows he's accompanied me on). It was AWESOME. I didn't think they'd let people get on stage but when you get enough punks rushing it, you're not really going to dodge them. So, needless to say, I got up on stage and shared a mic with Mr. Andrew W.K. himself! We somehow got smushed together, sweat and all, on the drum set. It was painful but worth it - especially when he read my shirt ("Vincent Price is a Pimp"), smiled and said, "That's the raddest fucking thing I've ever seen!" I will always remember that because it was the greatest fun I had (at that point) at a show.
So, after reminiscing and being charmed by his smile, I decided that I would start a "Dreamboat of the Day" on the Tumblr with Andrew W.K. to kick it off. It was also an excuse to post that particular photo of A.W.K. Wowzers meowzers!

Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up.

Today's Dreamboat: Michael Pitt. He's a whole other story for another day :)