Thursday, July 16, 2009

The State finally arrives on DVD and the world is right once more

The State finally came out on DVD on Tuesday and I got my hands on it last night. Joy! I don't think I've ever been this excited about a DVD coming out EVER. My 18 year old self would be so proud.
In the summer of 1999, one of my friends had this (I believe), and we used to watch it ALL the time - except for the Porcupine Races sketch musical thing that made our ears bleed (but I'll probs watch it on the DVD). It would get us all riled up for whatever we had planned for the night. If we saw my arch nemesis, we'd use the Inbred Brothers' What am I doin'? What am I doin'?! or if we went to get food, it would be Chicken sandwich, Caaaaarl!.
The State brings back some of the happiest memories from my (weird and awkward) teenage years so I'm really excited that MTV has FINALLY decided to put it out on DVD for future generations (and the loyal fans who have been waiting FOREVER). I mean, they're all familiar with the cast if they've seen Viva Variety, Stella, Reno 911, Wet Hot American Summer or many many other comedy gems. You know they'll start quoting Louis like crazy (and possibly Barry and LeVon too: "Awwwww yeah, $240 worth of pudding" ect, ect) but I hope they appreciate it as much as I did when I was their age.