Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventures in Katzi-Land

Whoa!  These past few days have been crazy busy - which means I've been slacking on posts.  Sorry!
Here are some highlights...

It's all mine!! YES!!   And another!   Drunken Unicorn
Silent Drape Runners know how to party   Untitled   Cat faces revealed: Marley Magaziner, Chandler Rentz & Dr. Zachary   Space available   Grilling   Ice cream cake   Audio   Audio pow-wow   Hello

My Sharon Needles shirt finally came in! Huzzah!
I took an origami break during a very long export at work
The Drunken Unicorn got all fancy!  I never see that place during daylight hours...
I had the pleasure of hanging with some friends on Friday since Silent Drape Runners were in town.  I didn't get to see them perform (sad panda) but we had dinner and some drinks at Bookhouse.  These beers were from a SDR fan!  Super nice guy
Having fun with the Catwang app with a photo I took of Marley Magaziner, Chandler Rentz and Dr. Zachary at Bookhouse during everybody's rendition of The Californians.  Zachary and I had no idea what that skit was but luckily, Lauren and Chandler showed me.  Hilarious!
Cat faces revealed!
Pretty house in Gainesville
Grilling in Gainesville
Motocross ice cream cake FTW
Audio times with Michael
Michael and his intern, Eston.  Eston is also a dubstep artist under the name PsilocyberCheck him out!!!  His tracks are insane and there's more coming soon!
Mr. Skeleton at my doctor visit this morning.  The doctor says my knee is doing well but it's hard to determine my progress since I kind of overdid it yesterday during filming.  I was advised to take it easy for a few days and then work on more hip strengthening.  Geez.  I already feel like my legs are giant canons...Contrary to what people think, my legs are pretty strong but I guess they're not strong enough.  Oh well.  It's always something isn't it?!