Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's that time again...

Filming is well underway and it's about to get crazy tomorrow with our back-to-back schedule so I won't be posting regularly.  Well, I haven't been posting too regularly for a bit anyway but I'll be extremely limited until filming is over next week.  And since we're currently in filming mode that means that my Jersey mama is here!  Cassie came in a day early (hooray!!) and she came with a gift for me!  Aww!  She got me these great Betsey Johnson sunglasses
Sunglasses from my New Jersey darling: Cassie!

Love them! They went perfectly with my outfit too!

Party party party!!

I had to break out my pink denim with my Mondo Guerra sugar skull tee and I decided to try a drippy manicure in my sleep-deprived state last night as I desperately tried to stay awake long enough to catch last night's Glee - which ended up making me cry.  Of course.  I mean, why was Cooter hitting Coach Bieste???!?!?!?!! 

WHY???  Needless to say, I was very distraught. 

Glee sadness aside, I'm still super excited that Sharon Needles WON RuPaul's Drag Race on Monday.  I mean, we all pretty much knew she had it in the bag, right?!  Of course!!  Now I can't wait for my shirt to come in the mail!  I still need to rewatch the reunion / crowning episode because I watched the live stream on Logo TV's website and there was a big projector thing in the way of the screen so I have no idea what the ladies looked like that night.  AND there was an audio dropout during the announcement which had me freaking out!  Oh, and the reason why Willam was eliminated was so stupid and the interviews he gave were totally worthless. 

So anyways - I hope that this week will fly by (and I'll be able to get some sleep in there) and I hope my old man comes home soon.  He's away for two weeks for work.  I is a sad panda.  I'm trying not to think about it because it makes me sad.  I know it's only two weeks but it feels even longer because it's my busy season at work and the old man is very supportive and patient with me during this time.  I guess since our neighbours are back for the Summer, they can hear my raging when I get home in the afternoons.  I'm sure they're thrilled. 

AAAAAND we have a little celebrating to do while Cassie is in town.  Why, you ask?  Because she's engaged!!!  I'm so happy for her and Mark and when Heather and I get to Jersey sometime this Summer, we'll have to celebrate Jersey style!!  So happy for them!! <3 <3

Until next time!