Friday, May 25, 2012

Going (chroma key) green

Work is getting all kinds of hectic lately and it's everything all at once.  So - I have to find new ways to entertain myself or else I'll go crazy.

In the sauna

Going green

Tuesday was a VERY LONG day since we shot only half of our education pieces for our OCT12 release and there was some fun on-set like keeping the studio so hot that the wasp that had flown in fainted. And we experimented with lighting/shooting on chroma key green. What better guinea pig than Tiago, right? He's always up for anything!


Waiting to ice my knee

Had my second day of physical therapy and icing my knee is always the best part. I'm moving along pretty well since my injury isn't that bad. I have my final therapy session next week and I see the sports doctor after that. He will determine if I can get back to working out in the near future...

Cherry Fizz is growing up super fast!

After releasing Cherry Pop into the wild, I started another Hatchi - Cherry Fizz. I obviously thought it was going to be a girl but I got another boy. Oh well! Either way, it's growing up wicked fast! I thought the sun-looking one was the teenage phase but the actually the squid-looking one is the teenage phase! Now I know he's going to grow up to be a cute little octopus! Hooray!