Monday, May 14, 2012

Marathon filming is finally OVER!

Finally!!  Marathon filming is OVER.  And not a moment too soon.  I was fading fast and thank goodness I had the strength to make it.
Normally I don't mind filming "kamikaze style" but it's starting to take its toll on me.  This was me on Monday:

Anyways - here's how I will sum up the last two weeks: with photos!

My typical morning during filming: a random Starbucks drink with 4 shots of espresso.  I started to cool it on those because I was having heart palpitations on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday...
Quad time again ☕☕☕☕

In case you didn't know, I'm also the behind the scenes Facebook photographer/paparazzi.
My other other job during filming

The first program we try to start with is Ride: the not-very-easy-but-totally-fun cycling program
OCT12 Filming day 1: Ride

Michael, the audio guy
Michael holding down the audio

Heather and I took Cassie and some friends out to dinner to celebrate her engagement and these two joined us!
We had two very special dinner guests at R. Thomas

Here's the card that I made for Cassie and her fiance and I had everyone in the office sign it
Cassie and Mark's congratulatory card
(She loved it!)

Cassie, Mariana and Kelly holding it down for the dance fitness class
Jersey is in the house!

I celebrated Star Wars Day (May the Fourth)
Happy Star Wars Day!

Some Super Moon Action
There she is...   Lovely sight this morning   Can I just live on the Moon already?

I hurt my knee somehow and I now have to go to physical therapy...
Battle injury. From what, I don't know but it hurts
I'm going to revisit this clip

The martial arts style program presenters
Behind the scenes - Kick

A GA fave: The Big Chicken
Free cake

The yoga / pilates class

My newest friend at the office!
Hey squirrel-friend!

And Paul outside of his studio!
Found: Paul outside his studio!
You might remember Paul from a few months ago when he was kindly letting me make his ears bleed while recording my music.
Paul In the studio Recording drums!! Loudness monitor

So that's pretty much the last two weeks in photos.  I start my physical therapy tomorrow although I don't think I'll need much.  My main question will be how to get my workouts back without injury.  We'll see what the good doctor says...

Happy Monday!