Monday, May 14, 2012

Filming shenanigans and experimentations

During the craziness that was OCT12 filming, Jeremiah, Brad and I did some experiments based on photographer Natsumi Hayashi.

I had never seen these photos before so it was really fun trying out this levitating technique. Since I couldn't partake in all the jumping (because of my knee injury), I got behind Jeremiah's lens and yelled a bunch of jumping cues to Brad and Jeremiah.

Brad and Jeremiah 1
Why they were wearing their jackets, I have NO idea because it was freakin' hot outside!

I couldn't begin to tell you what was happening in this photo but here it is anyways:
Brad and Jeremiah 2

Jeremiah Jump

Once were were all nice and sweaty, we moved the party indoors and I had this great idea to shoot for a gif.  While I'm having technical difficulties uploading the Photoshop gif (of course I am), here are two Gif Shop gifs we made on my phone:

And when everyone was tired with me yelling at them to jump at just the right time, we switched over to fashion / silly / muse mode - which was basically me laying all over the stage and take extreme closeups of Jeremiah and Brad.

I especially enjoy this photo of Brad

And I got Jeremiah to channel his inner Josh Hutcherson via this pose:

I also got Jeremiah to channel his inner director by testing out his "Director's Point".
Jeremiah's Director's Point

Hopefully I'll get my other gifs to cooperate and in the mean time, I'll think of more shenanigans to try out. Heck - we might even take it on the road! Like, say, to a certain skate park since it's warm enough. We'll see...