Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in Nail Art

After much debating, I finally decided I wanted to get my nails done. But the question was: who could do it? Who could do great nail art in Atlanta? I searched and searched but I couldn't think of anything - and living OTP (outside the Perimeter / aka: the suburbs) wasn't helping my case. Sure, I've done some pretty sweet nail art myself but there's nothing more glamorous than getting them done. But where?!
Then I remembered! The lovely DJ Speakerfoxxx always has awesome nail pics on her Instagram so I sent Oni on the case: where does Speakerfoxxx get her nails done?! I had to know!!
After a while, I got what I needed. She gets her nails done by a wonderful woman named Christian at Sugarcoat in the Highlands. I made my appointment for today and anxiously waited.
And while I waited this morning, I curled my hair two ways. First: with the most ancient hot roller set I picked up from my Mom's house last weekend:

And after I pulled the hot rollers out, I spruced them back up with my curling iron, pinned them and tied them all up under a pretty scarf (so I could run out and get some breakfast!)

And I did my makeup too! And while I let my curls heat set a little longer than I wanted, I scrounged the interwebz for nail art ideas.
I went to Wah Nails and The Illustrated Nail. I checked out the #nailart and #nailsdid tags on and I went directly to Speakerfoxxx's page for some direct inspiration.
I had a couple of photos saved on my phone already of pretty leopard print manis but I wasn't sure if that was what I really wanted...until I saw these!

LOVE! So after much debating at the very intimidating colour wall, I decided on three colours: a blue that resembled "Slushied" (from the Glee OPI collection), a neon hot pink and a pretty neon green.

I felt like a kid in a candy store: I didn't know what to tell Christian to do! I felt terrible but she was very sweet and we finally decided on a design I saw on Candy Paint:

Gah! So beautiful! But I didn't want an exact copy - hence the blue colour. And we even pulled from Speakerfoxxx's pretty 80's nails to create this lovely mani!

And I've been getting lots of love on Instagram since I posted it! It's making me so happy! But what's more - I got a notification that startled me and made me feel all giddy. I got a "Like" from ultra style maven Nicolette Mason!
WHAAAAAT??!!!! OMG! I had a total fangirl moment! I love her blog and her style and she liked one of my photos?! I'm freaking out!!

Christian did such an amazing job on my nails and I can't wait to see her for my next appointment! Since we chatted (more like I talked her ear off about nail art), she said I could come up with some wacky idea for next time but I'd have to call her to send her photos of what I'd like to experiment with next. I mentioned galaxy nails (again, I know) but she had never seen them. I didn't get a chance to show her my attempts at them but I know she'd come up with some killer galaxy designs! Maybe next time I'll incorporate some hardware since Lauren did hook me up with some studs...I'll keep my eyes open. Maybe we can go high fashion next time? Sounds like fun!

If you're in the Atlanta area and you want some awesome nail art, give Christian a shout at Sugarcoat in the Highlands! You will not be disappointed!