Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More photo shenanigans

This woman was big bumpin' at the Resurgens Orthopaedics office when I was getting my knee checked out
The higher the hair...

I felt like this was a good witch house album cover (maybe not)
Capes / Drapes / Gowns

I had some spare hearts leftover after I made Cassie's card so I made my old man a banner for when he came back!
Welcome home!
PS - he loved it!

I got this cute lil macaroon at Whole Foods on our way to Athens
Macaroon in the morning

The hospital where the old man's mom works
You inspire us!

Church on the way out of Athens

I kept imagining a front yard production of Phantom of the Opera happening at some point this weekend...
Looks like our neighbors are rehearsing for their front yard production of "Phantom of the Opera"
I hope they dry it off - it was rained on all weekend!

While I was in the longest line I've seen at Chipotle in a long time, there was this woman who held us all up by not only stopping her order to talk to the teenage umpire (pictured below) about some scary parents she had to call the cops on at some game they were all at but she also had, like, a billion orders she needed from the Chipotle crew. First world problems I know, but damn she was rude!
WPP about some weird parents VS teen refs at little league games SMH

I wouldn't have been so upset if she hadn't been so rude. Ugh. And the kid she was talking to was funny because he rolled his eyes every time she turned her back but he put on this cute, All-American smile when she faced him. Nicely done kid!