Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Men of True Blood Appreciation Post

Because True Blood is back and because Lauren has started watching it (she's on season 4 already!), I decided to do a Men of True Blood Appreciation Post.  I mean, you already know how much I LOVE Alexander Skarsgård but I wanted to express my love for the other male residents of Bon Temps, LA.

JUST SO YOU KNOW - I'm leaving some major details out because Lauren is still pretty early in the show.  If you see something that's not correct, don't worry - WE know what's up and Lauren will get there soon!
The True Blood boys after the jump...

First up: The humans.
Say what you want about sassy Lafayette's sassy ass but you KNOW he's sexy, hunty.  Just look at him!  Handsome, fashionable (yes, I stand by that) and muscly.  I know he's not werewolf muscly but dammit, he can get it.  Sometimes I wish I could be as sassy as him IRL...

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Then there's Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's sexy dim-witted brother.  Remember that time when he was all jacked up on V with Amy and they were naked, like, ALL THE TIME?  Good times...I want that Jason (naked Jason, not V'd up Jason) to come back!

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And then there's war vet Terry Bellefleur. Shy and quiet (most of the time), he hangs with Lafayette in the kitchen at Merlotte's.  I have a sweet spot for Terry B.  Once you get past all that post-war anger, he's a big teddy bear.  And just look at those yellow sunglasses in the middle photo!  Cool guy forever.
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Finally, Reverend Steve Newlin. What?  Bet you didn't think I would say this guy, huh?   Rev. Newlin is an odd choice but I had to put him here because just look at that sweet little face!!  And his character only gets BETTER.

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Next up: the supernaturals. No - not those guysTHESE GUYS: Sam Merlotte and Alcide Herveaux - for OBVIOUS reasons.

Sam Merlotte is kinda creepy, kinda cute when he's into Sookie but when he gets with SPOILER ALERT FOR LAUREN, holy balls - hello handsome!  Look at how much of a cool guy he is IRL.  I wish I had met him during the True Blood panel at Dragon*Con...

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And now the fun part: Alcide Herveaux. I think we all know how much I love Joe Manganiello and I love how Alcide just kinda popped in on the show.  I think we ALL enjoyed that.  Although, I must admit - currently, Alcide is on my bad side.  I won't say why because of SPOILER ALERTS FOR LAUREN so instead, enjoy some shirtless photos (and bonus Magic Mike gif). Another guy I wish I had met during the True Blood panel at Dragon*Con...

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And now for the most important part of this entry: the vampers.  You know me, I love Eric Northman but I'll start with Bill Compton.
I'll admit: I wasn't a Bill fan when he was doing all that "Sookie is mine" bullshit with Eric but he kinda redeemed himself as a great "father" to Jessica.  UGH - that reminds me - I need to do a Jessica appreciation post.  That's right - I HEART JESSICA!!! Anyways - Bill is on my bad side right now as well but I'll spare that because of...well, you know.

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Finally - the vamper you've all been waiting for: one Eric Northman.  Once you first lay eyes on him at Fangtasia, you're hooked. You find yourself wondering why on Earth Sookie would choose Bill over Eric (sorry Bill!).  And then you see exchanges like this and you get all antsy and then there's NO DOUBT IN YOUR MIND that Alexander Skarsgård was MEANT to play Christian Grey.  I mean, come on.

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As a bonus love for Skarsgård, here he is co-starring in the Calvin Klein Provocations campaign (in case you missed it)

Who's your favorite True Blood guy?