Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My journey to the Red Room of Pain is finally over...and I'm kinda sad about it

I, sadly, finished my adventures with Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey yesterday and what an adventure it was.  With all the ups and downs and everything in between, I'd say it was a wonderful journey.  Yes, it's weird talking about it with my co-workers but I don't know if Lauren is reading it and Double D already told me he was NOT going to read the book so I don't know who else to talk to about it!  Ugh - why am I not in a book club (for these books specifically)?!  I guess I could find other places on the interwebs to gush and I could do it here but I'll spare you - except with the occasional posts about my fantasy casting.  Like...right now.

While I was watching this week's True Blood (for the second time), I felt like Alexander Skarsgard was giving MAJOR Christian Grey realness.

Forgive my screenshots since I was pausing my Roku box to take photos with my phone

I was also glad to see Eric and Nora have patched things up as well.  Things are getting crazy in Bon Temps and I'm anxious about the season finale this coming Sunday.

Another thing I was wondering during my re-watch of True Blood was: When the FUDGE POPSICLE STICKS is Magic Mike coming out on DVD?!?!?!?!!??? 

DAMMIT!! Joe Manganiello, you are a delight and I can't wait to get the Blu Ray Extended Director's Cut version of Magic Mike when it comes out to see you and your friends in all your sweet, sweet hot body glory.

Hopefully in time for Christmas.

Possibly sooner.

This has been a True Blood Hot Guy Appreciation post.  I acknowledge the fact that there are other hot guys on True Blood but right now, these are my top 2.