Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do You Even...?!

Born out of a silly joke with my cousins and enhanced upon by my sister, I dragged my old man to Target to take the above photo.  Oni and I talked about Photoshopping it but I wanted realism.  I wanted to actually be holding a for real GoPro for the GoPro BRO photo.

During this journey, while I didn't purchase the GoPro HERO 3 (like I actually want...), I did purchase the Instax Mini I mentioned here.


Not bad! I'm still playing around with the ridiculously bright flash (as you can see in the pirate photo above) but I found a scrap from some orange gels at work and some really nice transparent tape (no haze!) and took this photo outside.

I love it!  With more experimentation, I think I might make a #DailyInstant tag on my Instagram and do a weekly post on it here!  What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!