Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

This weekend was quite full of adventures - the biggest one was the start of my Mom's 60th birthday celebration!  Technically, her birthday was yesterday but that doesn't mean the party has to wait, right?!
I accompanied my mom to the mall on Saturday and there, my sister and I made impromptu plans to take my mom to Gospel Brunch Service at Lips on Easter Sunday.  If you love a good drag show (and we all know I do!) Lips is the best place to go for dinner and a show!  I'm planning on taking Lauren there for her Bachelorette Party because she also loves a good drag show!
My mom had a blast!  They brought her (and everyone else who was celebrating a birthday) on stage and the whole restaurant was shocked to hear that my mom was turning 60 :)  Everyone was so nice and the performers were great!  I can't wait to see what it's like on a regular night!

Birthday flowers for mom  Birthday flowers for mom

Above are photos of the flower arrangement I had made for my mom because I thought they were absolutely gorgeous!  I went to the florist and didn't know what to say when the florist asked me what kind of flowers my mom liked.  I totally blanked!  All I could think of was roses (safe, right?) and hydrangeas (for some reason) and then I let her take creative liberties on the rest because I'm hopeless when it comes to flowers - EXCEPT for my favorite flowers: Gerbera Daisies - which I had no idea would make an appearance in her birthday bouquet.  Bonus!
They did a fabulous job at the flower shop and I can't wait until Mother's Day so I have an excuse to have 2 bouquets made!

How's your week so far?
Happy Wednesday!