Monday, April 21, 2014

Instant Adventures #2

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1, 2 and 4: Cemetery in Decatur
3. One of the Living Walls installations.  It says "Never give up".  I'd like to get instants of all the Living Walls walls!  Check out the artist, Eme, here and here!
5-6: Barns in Alpharetta

We were supposed to head up north to Helen, GA this weekend but the rain put a damper (heeeyyyyooo) on instead, we explored the delights of Kirkwood and Decatur.
Yes, the old man and I went down to have some Vegan treats at Dulce Vegan and check out what Kirkwood had to offer and while we were waiting for Burnt Fork to open (for some delicious BBQ treats - yes, even Vegan ones!), we did some urban exploring at the cemetery.

I had to throw that Hipsta shot in there because I was so happy that my Hipstamatic app was cooperating with me on Saturday!  The same could not be said about Sunday's adventures but once I got it to cooperate long enough, I got some neat shots of a barn that my old man and I found.

HipstaPrint  HipstaPrint

This weekend was full of LOTS of adventures!  How was yours?

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