Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All The Feels for Cosmos

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Something happened to me as I watched the "Sky Full of Ghosts" episode of Cosmos.  While cool science guy forever, Neil deGrasse Tyson, was talking about the most recent discovery of the oldest cluster of galaxies picked up by the Hubble Space Telescope, I felt tears stream uncontrollably down my face.


I've always loved science and space and the Universe in general.  My horrible math skills prevented me from exploring my love for space at the college level, so I'm here on the amateur level.  But all the stuff that has been featured on Cosmos so far, I've always known - thanks to my wonderful science teachers - and other stuff I've picked up through the original Cosmos (on Netflix, y'all!), regular Google searches, the Star Walk app, The Universe, the History Channel and its sister channel, H2 and, dare I say it, Ancient Aliens.  Why was the information about how fast light travels making me cry?  Because the way it was presented on the show was mind-boggling.

I know the star light we see in the sky is older than we think it is but the way it was said and expressed on the show was too much for me to handle.

I think it was a mix of the knowledge of the oldest object in space picked up by the Hubble, the fact that it's going to take the Voyager1 40,000 years to fly by the next star, the fact that the "ghost" images of supernovae are thousands of millions of years old but we're JUST NOW seeing them and the fact that we're looking into the past every time we look into the night sky...that's just mind-blowing.

Anyways - I hope you have been enjoying this new version of Cosmos as much as I have.  I mean, anything with Neil deGrasse Tyson means it's going to be AWESOME.

How is your week going?