Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Writing my demons away

As a participator in NaNoWriMo since 2009, I think my writing is...okay.  I've finished a script and I'm working on another but I feel like I need more.  My writing mentor randomly sends me roundtable discussion videos with scriptwriters - which I adore - and sometimes, he'll send me inspirational interviews to read from novelists or scriptwriters to help me get into the zone.  While I love all of that, I have all these stories stacking up in my head just waiting - no - screaming to get out.  Just yesterday morning, I woke up from a dream that had the perfect framework for a suspenseful film and in my spare moments, I'm writing the second episode to my soon-to-hopefully-not-be-fictional-anymore TV show.
Okay. what?
Luckily for me, I was scrolling through my iPad's open tabs and saw this post from Becky at The Pink Samurai.
Yes, I want that Gipsy Danger shirt...yes, I want to do a hand-printed galaxy wall in my house...and then I saw the link to an e-course called "How to Write and Pitch a Book Proposal" and I HAD to click on it.  And buy it.  And read it immediately.  And download the PDF.  And print it out.  And scan through it a million times.
I'm so insanely inspired!  It made me think back to this article by Hello Wordsmith.  You know, the tough love thing.  So I spent most of yesterday afternoon and the afternoon before that (after work, of course), revisiting the previously finished script.
I have to admit that I'm a little afraid of revisiting that particular story because it's really tough on me emotionally but I have to power through it (like Hello Wordsmith says) and get it out.  It will be a little different this time, though.  Last time, I stuck to the most important details in the story - like you would for scriptwriting.  This time, I get to explore the emotions that particular situation brought out in me.  I think I'm partly afraid of revisiting this particular story because it's based on something that actually happened to me and, while I think it's movie-worthy (think Blue Valentine sorta kinda), I don't really want to revisit that particular time in my life.  Maybe it will be a good energy exercise to release that negativity?  Who knows.  I'm hoping that with this, I can expel it once and for all and move forward.

As for the other stories, well, we'll see how they shape up.  I put my old man in charge of episode one of my soon-to-hopefully-not-be-fictional-anymore TV show and he's not delivering.  I took it upon myself to give him the benefit of the doubt and have a little faith in the pilot, hence the reason why I'm writing the second episode.  I might just wrap up episode two and back track to pick up episode one.  Or make episode two episode one instead.  I need to do a little more research, though.  Ah yes, good ol' research...

Are you working on any passion projects?  What are they?  I'd love to know!
Happy Wednesday!