Thursday, April 10, 2014

Incoming Mail: Spring In Full Bloom!

I know, I know - this post is late.  Oops!  Yesterday was a long day at work and it got even longer when I got home.  Phew!  Anyways...thanks to super awesome pen pal Jess for sending me some sweet blooms in the mail!  I'm hoping she'll like what I sent back!  :)

I'm still experimenting with my Instax Mini.  Yes, I was the crazy lady that held up traffic in the turn lane to get the Instax of the Big Chicken below.

Not bad.  I'm still playing around with the framing.  And why does it look so small here?  I was on the opposite corner of the damn thing and in the Instax, it looks so tiny!  Gotta love perspective...I will say that I l'm liking the colors I'm getting with the yellow gel I added to the flash.  Now...if someone would just let me take their picture...I'll know what it looks like on skin tone.  Maybe I'll get the courage to ask my favorite lady barista for a quick snap?  Or maybe I'll wait until we start filming and take some (more) snaps of the camera guys...

Happy Thursday!