Monday, March 23, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting - Day 1

okay, okay - so my mom has this friend who's a single mom and because of her job, she travels. A lot. When Miss Single Mom travels out of state, I get the pleasure of staying with her daughter overnight until her mom gets back.
Sounds harmless, no? It's not.
My little ray of sunshine just turned 16. She also hates it when I say "babysitting" because I'm not really babysitting - which I'm not. I just stay with her at night in case something happens and she's not alone. Perfectly understandable. I mean, I don't have to do anything except take her to the store when she needs to go and be home when she gets back from soccer practice / games.
BONUS: Her mom's bed is AWESOME.
I'm not one of those babysitters that demand control of the TV or talk on the phone or stay away from the kid. I mean, I know she's self-sufficient since she's 16 and all but I still make myself available in case she wants to tell me how her school day went - which she always does - or if she has problems with the homework she's (not) doing.
Well, since I let her control the TV, she chooses to put on Disney Channel. And usually, the programs that are on are: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Sonny With A Chance , Wizards of Waverly Place and, of course, everyone's favourite pop star show: Hannah Montana. Now, I've come to know and love these shows - including iCarly (which comes on Nickelodeon - but we watch that occasionally too). Well, since I had to stay with her yesterday (Sunday), the show roster was off and since she doesn't watch The Simpsons, Family Guy or American Dad (WTF?! She's 16!!), we had it on Disney Channel, where I watched "Sonny With A Chance" for the first time (and kinda enjoyed it *GASP*). But there was a little movie called Dadnapped that came on - which we watched, of course.
I got into it, of course, because my fave Disney Channel stars were in it! Emily Osment (Hayley Joel Osment's lil sis), David Henrie, ect...but I also noticed that the guy who plays Jackson on "Hannah Montana" was playing a hotel manager. No big deal, right? Wrong! I was telling my sleepover buddy that I found it odd that Jackson would be playing an older guy. She told me that he's around 24-25 years old in real life. *GASP!* What? No! There's no way! WAY. In fact, Jackson will be 31 in April. 31. Hannah's brother, who is supposedly a Junior in high school, is 3 years OLDER than I am.

Needless to say, my sleepover buddy got TOTALLY creeped out but I let it go. I mean, he's on a hit TV show / franchise. And he IS getting paid, right?