Friday, March 6, 2009

Office Romance: Part 1

So, I have a lot of toys in my office to liven up the place. You know, to make it...cute. I'd go crazy if there wasn't something to look at or take a break with by rearranging them. Wouldn't you? (Yes, yes you would)
Well, you know those old folkloric tales about how garden gnomes come to life? I think mine (whose name happens to be Conan 'The Gnomen' O'Brien) runs around my office after the building is locked down for the night. Not just the gnome but all the toys! I've got other office friends that love to play around!
But GASP! When I saw this:

I knew there was something more happening with Conan and Lolita Hello Kitty! It may look all innocent to you but I heard those "sweet nothings" he was whispering in her ear and they were NOT PG, my friends! That was some serious TV-MA, MPAA: Rated NC-17, ESRB Rated M for Mature stuff right there! Oh Conan! And oh Lolita Hello Kitty! I expected some sort of naughtiness out of you but not this!
That's okay, though. I just don't want my glow in the dark unicorn romantically lighting their dates while building is locked up. I would normally say "Get a room" in this kind of situation but they are in a room...Okay, well, they could keep it away from the other kids! Or maybe it's one giant toy orgy happening in my office every night and throughout the weekends. Oh dear.

The saga continues...