Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Part 1 - The 'Corning

So, I was taking a stroll on my twitter while I was uploading the footage that will forever haunt my dreams when I stumbled upon a link to Cornify's Vision for 2015.
Now, everyone must know (if they don't by now) that I ♥ unicorns. And sparkly things. And rainbows. And the most awesome person EVER made that available for us to share with Cornify. (We also have a Cornify button on this very blog! *GASP!*)
ANYWAYS - I hardly ever do "@Replies" on Twitter because it doesn't notify you when someone replies to you, so I've missed a bunch of "@_Katzi_" replies. (Sorry!) But I guess today was different because I had a little "@Reply" convo with Bobby and then I saw the link to Cornify's 2015 vision. I decided I would take a chance and "@Reply" to Cornify - not really expecting an "@Reply" back. BUT to my surprise, I got one!
I know, I know - it's not really that serious but I just wanted to express that Cornify's "@Reply" was the happiest part of my day (so far)! I haven't really been myself lately and apparently, it's noticable. BUT Cornify's "@Reply" has given me the boost that I need to keep moving and to keep Operation Cornification Phase 2: The Re-Corning on track!

So, thank you, Cornify! You have made my day that much better!

Here's a bonus unicorn in case you need a little extra! And feel free to cornify this entry. You'll be glad you did! I promise!!!

Rainbows and sparkles for everyone!!!