Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Kenley, WTF?!

Out of all the contestants you were my FAVOURITE on Project Runway: Season 5 but what's all this then? You threw a cat at your fiance? And a laptop?! I knew you had a bit of a sour attitude at times (which was why you're awesome) but seriously, WTF?! I just can't believe it! But you know what? I still ♥ you because you're my girl. You didn't take shit from anyone and you did your own thing and I could tell that you'd fight for your friends (if it came down to it) and I respect you for it. And even though everyone was all frowny face about your attitude as Season 5 progressed, I was TEAM KENLEY all the way!!
You still rock my face off and I'm sure your (ex)boy probably deserved it. Or maybe it was that time of the month and he unknowingly set off the WRONG trigger. Hell, maybe you have an EXTREME case of PMDD (because Lord knows I do...) It could have been ANYTHING! Who knows? Maybe you're sorry about it. Maybe not.

I will say this, Gawker's headline is correct: An important movement has begun (in the spirit of L'il Kim and Paris and all the other kids):

We ♥ you Kenley!!


ED NOTE: This entry makes me feel bad now because we ALL know Tim Gunn is a saint and what he says is true. What he says in the AP clip makes me sad and disappointed with Kenley BUT I still support her! We all have our own ways in expressing ourselves and if hers was acting a little childish, oh well. For some people, that's all they know: Negative attention is better than no attention at all.