Friday, July 13, 2012

Best Coast

I was having a lot of "old lady" moments with Lauren last night at Best Coast!  Ugh!  It all started when I realized I hadn't been inside Variety Playhouse in over 14 years.  Yes, it has been that long!  I went with my friend and her Mom to some jam band concert thing because her Mom was friends with the band.  I couldn't even tell you who it was, I was just excited to be in Little 5 Points so late at night!  Oh, those were the days!
Anyways - old lady feelings aside, the show was wonderful.  I hadn't heard either of the opening bands but I heard very good things about them on the internets.
Moodrings was wonderful and I wish I had purchased their EP...
Those Darlins were awesome! I don't really know what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised! Those girls are feisty and their songs are super catchy and I kinda wish I had gotten some of their music as well. Guh - I was on the Fail Train last night! I think it was because I had to get up early this morning so I high-tailed it out of there as soon as the show was over.
Best Coast was wonderful! The last time Lauren and I saw them play was a their free show at Criminal a couple of years ago. I was glad to get tickets for the actual show this time! Hooray!

Totally beachin' Moodrings
Those Darlins Best Coast

I think I also figured out the trick to my camera. The flash automatically comes up when the camera turns on and I usually push it down - which results in blurry photos (of course) or I'll let it flash and the result is whatever is below my flash is lit and the actual subjects in the middle of my frame are totally dark. So last night I tried what I do at work sometimes (on a different camera) - I let the flash pop up and I covered it with my finger so it would still go off. Oldest trick in the book, right?! Why didn't I think of that before?! Not the greatest results but much better than before!

Best Coast Best Coast Best Coast Best Coast

I still like the camera for the zoom capabilities - on videos especially because I got in pretty tight for their cover of Storms and although it's pretty bumpy (because I'm in so tight), it's pretty damn good.

And here's a bonus video of No One Like You (before I was feeling adventurous with the zoom)

I was kind of hoping for them to play Angsty but that's okay. I loved the show and it was all kinds of wonderful and I hope that she comes back soon and I hope that Wavves will release their album so that they can come to Atlanta too!  I need more good shows this year!

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