Monday, July 2, 2012

Nothing but love for Sharon Needles

Turns out Sharon Needles' presence in the A was a little more intense than I thought it was!  Though I didn't see any protesters, they were there.  She also met up with some activists before her show - which didn't go so well.  That explains why when I told her she was awesome she said, "Well, that's debatable".  I also learned that we have the same glasses.

Soulmates!  I kid.  Anyways - the bizarre meeting is also what spawned this during her show:

Honestly, it almost brought me to tears.  (I say "almost" because I didn't want to smear my makeup.  Priorities, people!)
But seriously though, I think the whole uproar is unnecessary.  I'm familiar with the pushing of buttons and that's all she's doing.  I think she's great and if Drag Race and Absolut has a problem with her, don't you think they'd come out and say something?  I'm guessing their absence from all this means they don't have a problem with it - though it would be nice of them to speak out on her behalf...
Either way I stand by Sharon Needles and I think she's very progressive and wonderful and she's definitely the future of drag.  Sure, there's minor bumps along the way but I love what she's doing with drag and I wish I had seen her particular brand of drag growing up.  Technically, I did with Marylin Manson but that's not really the same.  But it was pretty great that she opened with Manson's "Beautiful People".  Here's a short clip I took

I didn't want to watch the show from behind my camera so I turned it off right before it got really good.  Oops!
Here's a better clip from Project Q Atlanta

And here's more photos. I still stand by that it was a GREAT night and I hope she will return to Atlanta because I know I won't be the only one to welcome her with open arms.