Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Air Sex - It's Serious Business (NSFW)

I was on a sexy roll yesterday, apparently.  After I wrote my saucy sonnet, I couldn't help but feel obligated to go to the Air Sex Championships.  After I saw Gingersnap's post about it last week, I declared I was going but on my way home from work yesterday afternoon, I wasn't feeling so into it.  Why?  I don't know.  My stomach was a little upset from work stress and I feel like I have an ulcer brewing but after thinking about it, I decided I'd go.  My inner drama kid was begging me to go!  I mean, when would I get another chance to see that?!   My old man said probably next year but I wanted to add this to my list of weird things I've seen and/or done as soon as possible!  No, I didn't participate even though I could have since they were encouraging folks to.  I didn't want to take the chance of looking like a fool, you know, with me being a novice to this whole arena as a spectator.  Either way, it was wildly entertaining and I loved it!  Some performers were better than others but the standout was Johnny West - crowned Atlanta's champion last night.
The rules are simple: for your first performance, you get to pick your own song and you have to perform simulated sex on your imaginary partner or partners.  If you get chosen to move on to the next round, you are given a secret mystery song picked by one of the judges.

I tried to take videos of all the performers but my camera battery died, so here's two iPhone videos (for now)

The host (and co-founder) Chris Trew

Johnny West's mystery song performance