Thursday, July 19, 2012

PR Season 10: No live-blogging antics this season (Maybe?)

I know what you're thinking: Katzi, why haven't you been pimping this new season of "Project Runway" for the live-blog?!
Well, I'll tell you - I received an email from Cover It Live about them changing their rates and our humble account will no longer be free.  And I'm going to take it as a sign since the last 3 seasons we live-blogged (All-Stars included), I've been kind of "Meh" about the whole show.  Yes, I'm beyond happy that Mondo won All-Stars but I felt like it was because All-Stars was clearly a vehicle to right the wrong of Gretchen winning season 8 blah blah blah.  Joshua McKinley was whatever and yes he won and all that but look who he was competing against...  I think they're on a never-ending quest to find another person as quirky and wonderful as Christian Siriano.  There.  I said it.  It's something I've said before but I feel like it's even more pronounced.  Not to say that Mondo isn't great because I am over the moon with love for Mondo.  Mondo is magnificent and I love him to pieces and he's the best thing to come from the Lifetime era of Project Runway.   But since the show moved from Bravo to Lifetime, it's been on a slippery slope downward because it has to find its personality again. 

To me, it's in a weird place and I will take Cover It Live being weird as a sign that maybe live-blogging isn't the route for this season.

And just so you know, I'm not saying goodbye to Project Runway.  In fact, I'm going to Lauren's tonight to have a mini viewing party and I plan on recapping it tomorrow.  I hope to be able to still do recaps the day after and maybe this season will be the season that will make me start enjoying it again?  We'll see...

On that note, be sure to tune in tonight at 9pm for the new season of Project Runway.  You know you miss Tim's wisdom, Heidi's bi-polar-ness, Nina's ice cold stare and Michael's wacky comments!  Who knows - maybe we'll find another live-blogging site and start up again or maybe I'll move the live-blogging to WordPress...hmmm lots to think about...

GMA photo via Michael Kors' Instagram

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