Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, Schmursday

This week has been quite a busy one, I must say!

First the Air Sex Championships on Monday
Johnny West performs

A very super secret, "emergency" photo shoot on Tuesday
Kind of assisted on this kamikaze photo shoot

Intense graphics on Wednesday

And now it's Thursday. I'm all amped up for Best Coast tonight (!!) and I'm hoping the sky doesn't open up like it did on Monday. And last night. Yuck. What is there to lift my spirits on such a gloomy, gray day (besides the show tonight)? Oh, you know, just a visit from THE CUTEST PUPPY OMG!!
Little Luna! #puppykisses

This is Luna (yes, after Luna Lovegood) and she belongs to Heather!I'm so glad Heather's husband brought her and her brother Wall-E to the office for a little visit.  They even got to play around with the resident office pet, Owen!
163/365: Owen the Corgi

I tried to get more of the dogs playing but there were just so fast so here's one where Luna is being extra cute
Playful pups

I hope that has brightened your day!