Monday, July 9, 2012

Today is the day I wrote a sonnet for a piece of chocolate

With this photo, I declared I would write "the most beautiful sonnet" for this lovely white chocolate that a coworker brought back from his cruise to Spain.

I didn't think I would do it until my most fave Instagrammer Ellie Lopez (@el1ielopez) convinced me to do it.  My brother also gave me this bit of encouragement via Tumblr:

After another piece of chocolate, you know, for research and inspirational purposes, I scripted the prettiest and weirdest sonnet I've ever written.  Read it here or check it out after the jump!

 How do I love thee, fair sphere dipped in white
A pale orb full of decadence and shame
How does love like this, so wrong, feel so right
But it is not you, orb, who is to blame

A spark ignites as I unwrap your shell

You hexagons reflect my fleeting doubts
My gaze at your center, under your spell
My judgment for you forgotten about

They might look and whisper behind my back 

But they are missing out on a rare treat 
One day their fitness lives will swell and crack
Fall into addiction that’s hard to beat

Oh white chocolate orb, radiant and true

There will be no other as pure as you

The digs are towards some of my body-conscious coworkers who have a tendency to shame others for eating the foods they wish they could enjoy but it's all in good fun!  I was merely expressing my gratitude (and lust, apparently) for this wonderful piece of white chocolate.

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