Thursday, May 22, 2014

A haunting I will go

Feeling insanely inspired by some light research I was doing during a very tedious archive session at work, I fell down the link rabbit hole and found so many fun sights to see in my own backyard!

One of the best resources I've come across is the Southern Spirit Guide.  There are great posts about the Haunted Pillar in Augusta, the Roswell Ghost Tour and the Gartrell Monument at the Marietta City Cemertery - which just happens to be 9 minutes from my office!  I tried to get there after work yesterday but I couldn't find a way in - the roads were under construction and I'm not familiar with that particular area, so I turned around and made my way to the Presbyterian Cemetery in Roswell.

I've been there before many times but for some reason, I had never seen who I call the Angel with No Hands.  I tripped my way through the grounds to see her.  She has her back to the main road and her silhouette is very striking as she sits under a tree.  The text under the cross next to her reads: "Thou shalt be a crown in the hand of The Lord".  I didn't notice that her hands were missing until I had zoomed in on the text next to her.  What a beauty!  Maybe I need to do some research on her...

There are other hidden gems in that cemetery but a lot of it is steeped in Georgia's history of the Confederacy and the KKK, unfortunately.  I came to terms with that upon one of my first visits when I was a teenager.  You can't escape Georgia's hate-filled past.

One of the great things I found during my research is a wonderful blog dedicated to 432 Abercorn in Savannah run by author and Roswell Ghost Tour Guide Beth Dolgner.  I feel like I've seen her before, like, maybe in passing or something, but my goal is to be on a Roswell Ghost Tour led by her!  How exciting would that be?!  Then, afterwards, she could tell me more stories about 432 Abercorn!  Or I could be so spooked that all I'd want to do is go home and drink the spookiness away.

And to think - this all started with me reading this post on the Dainty Squid, which led to this post, some research on the Haserot Angel, and a seemingly innocent search of "unique" and then "strange" Georgia...

I hope you're having a great week!
Happy Thursday!

1-7: Photos of tombstones at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Roswell, GA
8. The Public House in Historic Roswell, which is said to be haunted.

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