Wednesday, May 21, 2014

North Georgia Weekend

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This past weekend, the old man and I went up to Helen, GA and, unbeknownst to us, the Southern Wörthersee VW-Audi Car Show was going on.  I thought it would be a little exciting but it was a bit of a bust.  The weather was iffy and the atmosphere was...weird.  The one thing I wanted to go to - a crystal shop - was closed that day for a graduation ceremony.  Bummer.  We tried to make the most of it but we ended up walking around the whole town 3 or 4 times secretly hoping something fun would materialize but there was nothing.  I think because it was a dreary day and the town was full of loud cars, it made for a weird and not-so-fun trip, unfortunately.
I wanted to go gem mining at one of the few roadside gem mining places up there but we kept forgetting to get cash while in Helen because the ATMs are cleverly disguised with little Alpine accents and we kept missing them.  I used up most of my cash getting coffee beans, paying for parking and on a single Bratwurst that was way too overpriced for what it was.
The old man took me by this pretty tiny church on the way in to Helen, which was a great sight because it was opposite the Nacoochee Burial Mound - that I didn't photograph.  Oops!  Here are some photos.
I managed to divert us towards the Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland attraction on the way back since I hadn't been since I was a kid and we never go that far north for anything so I made it a YOLO moment and we took a slight detour.  We didn't go in, we just did a little drive by...
All in all, it was an alright trip up to North Georgia, I guess.  Maybe next time will be better?
Because of this, I've decided that I need to order the Weird Georgia book to see what kinds of neat things are nearby!  Until then, I'll just keep checking this map for fun stuff to do...

1 - 2: Tiny church across from the Nacoochee Burial Mound
3: Wedding Chapel in Helen
4 - 5: Metal sculptures outside of a restaurant in Helen
6: A mini waterfall in the park
7 - 9: Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland

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