Friday, May 30, 2014

Florida Adventure!

Church - St. Petersburg, FL Found a hermit crab house. No hermit crab tho This lil guy wants a bite of my sandwich Pier 60 St. Petersburg, FL Pier 60 - Clearwater Beach, FL

Hello from sunny Florida!  The old man and I are taking a much-needed vacation to undo a lot of the stress we've encountered lately and so far, I think I need to try and relax a little harder...I may or may not have gotten wound up about the seagull in photo #4.  Why?  Because I thought: "Hey, why not stop at the ol' Whole Foods, get some lunch items and have a picnic on the beach?"  Okay, so far so good.  I got a delicious sandwich from the best Whole Foods since the one in Philly and we were on our merry way to the lovely Clearwater Beach.  Once there, we made camp and started our picnic when some uninvited friends came.  I would've fed them some of my bread but I know if I fed one, I'd have to feed them all.  I also ended up eating the entire sandwich instead of half, like I originally planned.  These seagulls would've totally pecked through our stuff to get to that sandwich!
I was able to calm down a little, though.  I guess I just need to remind myself that it's okay to relax!  :)

1.  Instax Mini from the GA/FL state line
2. This church is beautiful and I love the stained glass.  We have dubbed this church "Heavy Metal Church" and/or "Rock n' Roll Church" (but you have to sing it like an 80's Glam Metal singer when you say it!)
3. We found this former hermit crab home on the beach yesterday
4. This little seagull (and five more of his friends later on) was trying to get some of my sandwich!
5. The view from Pier 60 in Clearwater, FL
6. A boarded up house in St. Petersburg
7. I LOVE the "Greetings from" post cards and I'm so happy that I've been seeing that design as art around here!  Greetings from Pier 60!

Has your weekend started?  Do you have any fun plans?