Friday, May 16, 2014


#savewras #savewras

If you're from Atlanta, you're familiar with WRAS 88.5 - the 100k watt student voice of Georgia State. Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) is trying to take that away from us.

Last night, I attended the #savewras benefit show - which was a last-minute thing...with a HUGE turnout and I was so happy to see so many people there to support their local community.  Selfishly, I went for support and to see my friends, Book of Colors, play and they killed it, as always!  

The Q&A session at the beginning of the night was pretty informative but you can get more details concerning the GBP takeover here.

I think it's important that we keep the student voice alive.  I have so many great memories with WRAS and I'm hoping more kids get to make and keep great memories with them, too.  Without WRAS, I never would've discovered so many of the bands I know and love today and it's always a joy to hear my friends' music on the radio.
I remember one of their Friday night rave shows (can't remember the name but maybe it was the early days of Subterranean?) and my sister recorded one in particular (to cassette) of Supa MC TC Islam in the studio for 2 hours and it was the greatest cassette tape in my collection (besides all The Number Ones stuff, of course!) and we try to listen to Subterranean whenever we can - at least I know I do!  Fridays are the best because I get to relive my teenage years with I Don't Care - their weekly punk rock show - and they have so many other great programs that it would be a shame to lose them!

Ways you can take action:
Make some phone calls
Use the hashtag

Happy Friday, everyone!
Tune in to I Don't Care at 4PM EST!!

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