Monday, May 19, 2014

Instant Adventures #6

Dahlonega Dahlonega Dahlonega Tiny church Tree of Progression (?) Diving Bell Diving Bell

1-2: Church day and night (Dahlonega, GA)
3: Tree of Progression (?) (Dahlonega, GA)
4: Tiny Church (Helen, GA)
5: Tree of Progression (?) Hipstamatic (Dahlonega, GA)
6-7: Diving Bell - Hipstamatic (Dahlonega, GA)

Last Monday was my old man's nephew's high school graduation guessed it, Dahlonega, GA.  We tried to make the most of the road trip up and took photos of interesting things around town, such as the church across from where the ceremony was (the night Instax Mini of the church is more dramatic in person, I promise!), the Diving Bell and the Tree of Progress (?) sculpture.  Surprisingly, I can't find anything about the tree sculpture!  I read the plaque about it for a brief moment and then spent most of my time positioning myself to get the best shot with my Hipstamatic Sergio Lens+Maximus LXIX Film combo.  I had forgotten that the lens adds that vignette blur and I didn't realize it had done that until we were well on our way home.  Oh well.  It definitely adds a touch of moodiness to the tree sculpture, that's for sure.  The diving bell...not so much.  How random is that thing?!  Read up on it - it's actually pretty neat.

This past weekend, the old man and I hit up Helen, GA before the rains came but more on that later!  For now, I'll just leave the Tiny Church Instax Mini as a preview of sorts.

Hope you all have a great week!
Happy Monday!

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