Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fave Photo of You Photo Post

Today's February Photo-A-Day Challenge is a funny one.  The topic: Favourite photo of you.
I might have to do a few posts because I have so many!  Here's the first one I posted earlier:

#favpic #febphotoaday #collage

So many great memories here! 
The first one is me with Grant Wilson of The Smugglers (and my friend Jimmy in the background).  They opened up for The Donnas in 2000 and had a dance contest.  I won with the help of my friends and I got a sweet hockey trophy!  That night was awesome but it ended terribly.  Jimmy's car got stolen (this was before East Atlanta was what it is now) and we had to wait for my Mom to pick us up.  Embarrassing.  But the guys at Echo Lounge gave Jimmy an Iron Maiden box set (I think) and I emailed with Danny Panic for awhile.  I wonder if he remembers...

Under that photo is a photo of Carter and me at one (of many) Lazy Indians shows at (old) Lenny's.  His sister took the photo and, yes, that's how it's framed.  See more photos from other Lazy Indians shows here

Under that is a photo of me with my old man and my best friend Damien outside our cabin in Tennessee.  We were ungodly late to another friends' wedding and I was *still* hungover from Halloween the night before...Good times!

The Chainsaw photo is one of my favourites because I'm holding an actual chainsaw and I'm wearing my friends' fireman clothes.  They smelled like smoke and burnt trees.  After the shoot, I got to keep the clothes.  They don't smell like burning anymore but they always remind me of this!  Billy did the tattoo letters on my stomach.  I thought I had wanted to get that tattooed on me at some point but good thing I didn't actually do it because I've kinda sorta grown out of my Nurse Chainsaw persona.  Kinda sorta not really...

The bottom photo is my ultimate favourite because that's me with Aubrey Graham (aka Drake) and Mike Lobel from Degrassi: The Next Generation.  They were doing a series of mall tours with the cast of Degrassi and Alpharetta just so happened to get Aubrey and Mike!  Lucky me!  I'll never forget that signing because Aubrey asked me about my "Duck Plucker" shirt.  I jokingly said it was a clothing line my friend and I were coming up with and he said, "That's cool.  I'm about put out some music".  I thought it was a nice thing until he said, "Yeah, I'm a rapper".  Jimmy?  Wheelchair Jimmy?  A rapper?  Nah...

Hopefully I'll be able to find the rest to make another collage!
Are there any photos of you that you love?