Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: O Say, Can You Sew - The Recap

Last night, the designers visited the U.N. for their challenge - an outfit inspired by a flag.  Okay, random.  It sounds kind of half-assed but the results were hilarious.

Austin picked the Seychelles.  I would've loved it if he had gone literal with the flag.  He could have and been totally safe!

Maybe a little too safe but still - it wouldn't have been this

There's nothing really wrong with this dress but Isaac did call the front V-neck "tortured" and upclose, it's very tortured.  The colours don't really match the flag colours either.  Not a big deal to me but I would've preferred something like Michael's - one-shouldered and drapey with all the flag's colours meeting at the shoulder.  Much better.

Speaking of Michael, here's his Greek flag dress

I agree with not-Heidi about the bow: it would look better on a Christmas present.  I was hoping he'd use the shoes from last week as a pop of colour but he didn't understand subtlety this week with that bow.  I do like the dress though.  It's very Michael.

Jerell thought we were still stuck in last week's challenge: a stage costume.  I mean, what the eff is this mess?

Yes, Jerell, you picked India.  And yes, I totally called it by saying, "Jerell has India which means a lot of gold and a lot of tacky".  I might've been wrong about the gold but, girl, this is tacky.  And so costumey!  How did he take this outfit seriously?!  He should've taken the Kenley route and done the "anti" version of this.
What am I talking about?  I'm talking about the State of Kenley Collins where the national colour is polka dots and the uniform has a Peter Pan collar and white gloves.

I have no idea how she thinks long sleeves are a good thing in Chile but whatever.  And she somehow got her polka dots in there as well, so...whatever.  Isaac, who I love more and more each week, told her to STOP making the same silhouette over and over.  THANK YOU ISAAC.  I'm glad you said something because it seems as though everyone else is afraid to say it.  Back to the "anti" thing - one of the judges (I think it was Georgina) said that when she thinks of Chile, she sees ponchos but this girl that Kenley designed for is the opposite of what you would think - and that works.  Okay.  It does but how on earth do you get heart-shaped polka dots and candy stripes from the Chilean flag?!


Mila took us on a split personality Russian adventure.  So you'd think she has the Russian flag, yes?  NO.  She has New Guinea.

I get it.  The hint of yellow, the construction on the short dress, the construction on the long dress...but why?  Why the split personalities?  Why not put a bird on it?  Hiiiyoooo.  But seriously - why?  This outfit looks like all she's missing in the bear in a fez and the rest of her traveling Russian circus.  And although I'm not a Mila fan, I would've preferred her staying over Jerell.  Yes, Jerell stays.  BARF.
Now, can I just say - Mondo's mitering is lovely. Just so lovely. He could've had a boring black dress but no. Not on his watch.
LOVE IT.  Subtle.  Sweet.  Mondo.  I'm not too crazy about the headwrap thing but that pop of colour on the back is gorgeous.  Not too literal with the flag and it works.  Another Mondo win!  YES!!  How am I celebrating this Mondo win?  By successfully executing a Mondo pouf!
Working on my #mondoguerra pouf...I WILL have it right for the #projectrunwayallstars finale!
It's not as neat as Mondo's since I didn't gel it and I don't have a trusty barrel roller.  Also it's super humid outside.  Eww.  I basically started teasing my hair and when I got all frustrated, I started twisting my hair and it magically fell into place.  I'm not kidding.  I'm so proud of this.  I can't wait for my next attempt since I'll be ready for it.

You know what else I'm ready for?


Finally! In fact, I had *almost* forgotten he was a judge on PRAS until I saw the preview - which came on AFTER After The Runway - which was a little boring since Mila talked shit via pre-recorded message and they recapped every single thing we had JUST seen. Yawn.  But I liked how pretty much everyone said that Mila should've stayed over Jerell.  And they all said it IN FRONT of Jerell.  Get over yourself, Boo.  Your designs are barf-o-rama.


He's going to make the designers do some crazy-ass light show next week and I can't wait!!!  Kenley will probably find little lights to make her own light up polka dot pattern and Isaac will take her over his knee and spank her.  Austin will probably come up with some weirdo rich-lady-fell-into-a-glow-in-the-dark-paint-pit evening gown.  Jerell will make something tacky AS USUAL.  Michael will drape some lights on it.  Mondo will make technicolour magic.  At least, that's what I'm hoping for next week!