Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: Puttin' on the Glitz - the Recap

Holy Broadway!
Our fair designers had to design an outfit for one cast member of the Broadway show Godspell.  The winning look was to be in the show (obvs) AND the winning designer got a bio page in the Playbill.  SAY WHAT.
They were challenged to dress a very eccentric older woman who liked to flaunt her money.  So basically, it was like that older lady that you see in suburbia that wears all her jewelry at the same time at the flea market or something.  At least that's what I thought of.  Here's what the designers thought of...

Let's start with Jerell so we can get him out of the way early.

Ugh. Hate the hair, hate the skirt and I definitely hate his attitude a little more each week.  The jacket is nice but I don't think I like the fur/feather things at the cuffs.  The colour is also a little too drab for me.  and that hair with the lace on the front of the jacket makes me think of a whorehouse in the Wild Wild West.

Mila's looked like she was supposed to be working on the corner for Jerell's Whorehouse Madam.

Or she could pass for a socialite in the early days of when being a socialite was getting popular on the interwebs and the TMZs.  Mila also thought that a lot of gold equaled money.  No, honey, it just looks tacky.  THIS LOOK SHOULD'VE GOTTEN MILA ELIMINATED.

Kenley was off her game last night.  I guess because she wasn't making anything with polka dots - which Joanna Coles was so sweet to point out.

I was too busy trying to figure out how she was going to survive since she couldn't make a Peter Pan collar for this challenge! LOL, I kid.  But seriously - the "Thrift Store" vibe she was trying to channel was not working for me and the fur trim on the collar looked sloppy.  She's not a master of the mixed prints like Mondo but we'll get to him shortly.

Michael's looked more contemporary rather than vintage, I thought.

The colours were pretty and worked very well together while the shape of the skirt had me making mental sketches on how I could possibly make a skirt like that for myself. I'd love to have this skirt in black!  It's so cute and so perfect for Spring!  And those shoes.  THOSE SHOES!  I want them!  I even want the green ribbons he used to tie them on his model!  LOVE!

Kara surprised me with her look.  I LOVED IT.

The bow was a little too large and in charge for me but I loved the black fur with the red skirt and the black and silver top. It was like the dreamiest outfit for any HBIC.  Too bad this look got her eliminated.  That really sucks because Mila and Jerell should've been gone...

Austin got a little catty on the runway when Isaac accidentally called him "Austin Starlette".  Shut up Austin.  You're still a perv with that mustache.

While this was a cute outfit, I was little confused about the leggings. Heather brought up a good point - he probably made them to be functional for the costume changes or something but I felt like while that was a nice thought, it didn't go well with the outfit.  I liked the cut of the dress and the big, billowy skirt but the hair wasn't working for me.  Well done Austin.

Mondo said he had to go to a dark place for this one.  During his mentoring session with Joanna, he presented a great idea with the smoking jacket and the pattern mixing which got me all excited.  But the put the jacket together and he hated the look.  WHAT?!  No, Mondo!  It was fabulous on the dress form but I will admit, the patterns were a bit much.  But then that realization didn't matter because Mondo is the MASTER of mixed prints so there was nothing to be worried about, right?  Right.

While the hair reminded me a little of Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter, I still loved the look.  The peacock eye-looking gold toned fabric over the shiny gold fabric was lovely and the rich hues from the jacket were a great match to all those golds and yellows - which led Mondo to another victory!  Hooray!  This was exactly the boost he needed coming off of his loss last week (which I still think was bullshit).  Way to go Mondo!! 

The preview for next week wasn't really that much of an informative preview at all but I'm hoping that will be when Jerell or Mila (or both in the dreaded double elimination) will get the boot.  I can only hope...