Thursday, February 23, 2012

My attempt at the Cinemagraph

I don't know if you you know but there's this new(-ish) craze sweeping the Fashion-O-Sphere.  It's the Cinemagraph.  I'm kidding.  Of course you already know.
Part photo, part gif, the Cinemagraph was developed by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg with amazing results at New York Fashion Week last year.
I first saw this Cinemagraph of Coco Rocha and fell in love

Since then, I've been seeing altered gifs resembling these photo / video hybrids.  Especially at a gif's favourite party place: Tumblr.  I've also read a few articles on them and how to make them.
While the technique seems easy enough, it's harder to come up with actual ideas for them.  My friends and I collaborated and we shot some footage for some but they just turned out as glorified gifs.  Bummer.  We really wanted to create images like this

I think because we were limited with our location, we ended up with this glorified gif:

Nothing too fancy or exciting but dammit, we did it.  I still need to figure out how to make it work properly but until then, this will do.
Naturally, because the Cinemagraph is super hot, there's an app for that.  No seriously, there's an app called Cinemagram.  You KNOW I downloaded that shit too, right?  Here are some of my gems:

This app kind of makes me want to get a nifty tripod / stabilizer for my phone just so I can shoot these ALL THE TIME!  LOL.  But seriously.

They're so pretty!  Once you get a proper idea into place, the results can be amazing!  And with all the lovely Cinemagraphs out there, this one is by far, my ultimate favourite:

Stunning.  I'm not sure of the source since I reblogged it on Tumblr but dammit this is gorgeous!

Have you attempted a Cinemagraph?  I'd love to see it!