Thursday, February 16, 2012

More NYFW Inspiration: Tavi Gevinson

In keeping with the NYFW inspiration, I saw the prettiest picture of Rookie Magazine's Tavi Gevinson posted on Rodarte's Instagram

I instantly fell in love with her rose crown/headband! I loved it so much I made one!
Rose headband
I bought some cheap roses with fake dew drops on them (on sale, son!) for my trial run and I really like the way it turned out!
Roses Rose headband

They remind me of some roses that Oni painted and put on ribbons for me years ago and I thought about doing that but I like the stability of the headband base - which I noticed when I made my Rodarte inspired foam stars.
Star headband

And even though I enjoy the stability of the headband for the roses, I think I'll move the stars to some ribbon.  They're not as angled as I had wanted them to be for the Rodarte piece.  I mean, the way they are now reminds me more of the Giant Dwarf piece - which is fine but I'll fix that this weekend.  Since the glitter foam turned out okay, I think I'll move on to using what I wanted to use instead: glitter vinyl.  I bought some wires to make the starbursts from the original look and I can't wait!  The purple stars were a huge hit at work!  Especially since I paired it with my black and silver Mondo Guerra sugar skull shirt!

The stars definitely helped pick up my mood as well.  I feel like I'm recovering pretty quickly but I'm still tired and my throat feels like there's a desert in there.  Not pleasant at all.

I think with this new inspiration and Lauren's new hairdo (which she revealed during the Project Runway All-Stars live-blog), I'll make her a custom hair accessory!  I also bought some cherry blossom sprigs to pin in my hair tomorrow to keep my mood up.  Maybe I'll keep the flower theme going and make hair pins for Heather (a co-worker)!  She has pretty, long blonde hair that I want to make pins for.  We'll see what kind of mood I'm in. I'm hoping to catch up on some rest so that I can be fully recovered by the time I'm off my medications.  Only a few more days!

Here is a tutorial from Rookie Magazine on how to make various crown/headbands