Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspired: Rodarte Star Clips

Is it possible to love an accessory so much you want to marry it? Yes. Yes it is.What accessory am I talking about? Why, this little darling from the Rodarte show yesterday...

Precious. I want it. I need it. But I can't quite have one. What, then? Do I curl up in bed and go wanting? NO! These little star beauties reminded me of these little star beauties:

They're not exactly the same BUT I think I'll take a cue from this fellow DIY-er and try to make my own.
I'll try to make mine closer to the ones seen at Rodarte but we'll see...Honestly, I think it will have a more Janine Basil feel - which I'm totally okay with since her stuff is AWESOME.
After reading this great article on From Me To You about the behind the scenes of the Rodarte show, I'm totally inspired to get my sick self crafting.Since I can't be in all the NYFW fun and since I definitely can't afford the fashion - why not try to recreate a budget-friendly version?  I enjoy that!  Maybe I'll have enough strength (and courage) to make my version of that cute L.A.M.B. pleated skirt?  I hope so!  Maybe I'll enlist the help of my Mom or Oni...making an actual garment from scratch scares me!