Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Funday: Sunshine and the movies!

The old man was sick all last week - which really sucked since I gave myself a 4-day weekend for working 12 days in a row. In my 4-day weekend, I started to feel kind of funky too. I can't decide if it's "sympathy sickness" or what but I definitely feel bad.
After a lot of Supernatural-on-Netflix-Instant-in-bed time and staying indoors, we decided to venture out yesterday.
#Atlanta #citybit Ford Factory lofts

We also went to the movies!

Stuffed animals Sour candy
43/366: Sprees Jawbreakers

We saw what I like to call "The Ring: Origins". I'm talking about Dan Rad's NOT Harry Potter role in "The Woman In Black". While it was beautifully shot and coloured, I couldn't help but notice all the airbrushing on D.Rad's face - when I wasn't looking into his beautiful eyes - during his many MANY extreme closeups. Mind you, I'm NOT complaining about closeups on D.Rad's face but the airbrushing was very visible during those shots for some reason...My old man didn't notice and maybe I was looking a little too hard but I was trying to not look so starry-eyed during the close ups since I was with my old man after all.

Look at that face though!  Might I add that this particular time period is perfect styling for Mr. Radcliffe?  *le sigh*
I'd love to see more of Mr. Radcliffe on the big screen (for more extreme closeups). 
I'd also enjoy not feeling a tiny bit of a fever coming on.  I'm trying to fend it off with Zicam Cold Remedy, Emergen-C and my daily multi-vitamins but I don't know.  Whatever the old man had was pretty strong since he was in bed for about 8 days.  NO THANK YOU.

Hope you all have a fun week!  If I don't feel too terrible by Thursday, I'll hope to live-blog Project Runway!