Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars: Fashion Face Off - The Recap

I was excited about last night's Fashion Face Off episode but as the show went on, I was severely disappointed. Why?
First of all, Rami comes up with this fugly thing.

Jerell unleashed his Queen Bitch Rage and finally heads into a win - BY DEFAUT, I might add...

Michael "copied" Jerell (Jerell's words)

Austin channels his inner Golden Girl

Kara made trousers

Kenley and Mondo go head to head (which I was really excited about!) and I LOVED both outfits

Personally, I thought they were both great for summer and how appropriate was it that Mondo got summer?! Whatever Mondo - don't listen to the judges! You're still the Print Master! I loved everything about the polka dots and basketweave-looking prints and the neon bangles (which are on trend).

Jerell, I had been waiting for you to pull a shit move like that all season long and I kind of hate that it led you to a win but, like I said, that was by default. The judges basically said your was meh - okay out of the ones that were considered "Top".
In the Austin VS Kara Spring showdown, it was clear that Kara was the best since Austin channeled his inner AARP card holder. Kara's was boring but it wasn't hideous.
In the Mondo VS Kenley Summer showdown, I thought it was clear that Mondo was the winner but they chose Kenley because they didn't like Mondo's use of patterns (which is what got him the challenge win last week). Both outfits were cute but Kenley should really get a talking to for making the same shit.
In the Mila VS Rami Fall showdown, both outfits were terrible. I loved Mila's cape but the colours were off. That tan/camel colour was boring! It felt like the least fabulous Fall outfit ever. But compare that to Rami's awful top and sweater thing and you see that Mila is the clear choice.
Finally for the Winter showdown between Michael and Jerell, it was a battle of the darkness. Jerell had the nerve to call out Michael as a copycat but I won't even waste time on that because Jerell should've gone home last week for his "Coming To America" DISASTER.  Remember that, girlfriend?
Ugh.  It feels like the judges and the challenges were off to a great start this season but they're just kind of dicking around now.  Next week looks promising but that's just clever editing on the preview.  Hopefully Joanna will have some words with Kenley about making the same thing over and over, Jerell will get a major reality check and Mondo will win the whole thing.  We'll see...