Wednesday, August 29, 2012

g3rard VS deadmau5 - Professional Griefers Video Out Now!

Exciting stuff happening today!
The music video for Gerard Way VS Deadmau5 is out!  Check it!

I remembered seeing a text message exchange on Deadmau5's Instagram about how Gerard was going to post his flyer but Deadmau5 wasn't ready yet or something like that and I was all, "What the hell are they talking about?!" It was this:

Good thing I investigated it because I ended up buying a very early birthday present for myself:

Oh yes!! I've been wanting a Varsity style jacket forever but nothing was really calling out to me - until now! 
And did you notice MCR's new logo?

So exciting! I watched that video of Gerard on Kevin Smith's show Spoilers and he said they were currently working on what they're calling "MCR 5" - but they won't be dressing up this time.Aww.  Sad Panda.  On the upside, Gerard shared the cutest song he wrote for his daughter, Bandit.  Cute overload!