Friday, August 31, 2012

Project Runway: Oh My Lord and Taylor - The Recap

Oh My Lord and Taylor is right.  This challenge was proving to be a bit rough for Elena.  She didn't want to sacrifice her design aesthetic for the sake of possibly having her design fit into a 10 piece Project Runway collection to be manufactured and sold at Lord and Taylor online (and the flagship store in NYC - not any other stores btw).

Oh - and let's talk about Sonjia's magnificent breakdown.  She was struggling with her look the whole time and it appeared that she was cutting the hem when Tim came in to gather the troops for the runway.  Not to mention Elena had to help Sonjia's poor model stuff herself into the dress.  Sonjia, your model is the thinnest girl there, stop trying to make her feel huge by making your garments TOO SMALL for her. 

I thought Melissa was going to play possum in the middle of the workroom once her tears started flowing.  She kept saying she was going to start over!

Meanwhile, in Boy Town, they were all "We're having a blast!"  We're the best!"  "No breakdowns here!"  The best exchange was between Gunnar and Fabio.
Gunnar: Fabio, when I get home, I want to design you a dress.
Fabio: Please (it was more enthusiastic than that, I swear)
Gunnar: I know you'll wear it.
Christopher had the best line of the night: Sonjia, the 80's called.  They want everything back.
You'll see why that comment is appropriate in a moment.

Onto the runway show!

Let's get Ven's out of the way so that we can enjoy the rest of the post.

I'm going to have to agree with Christopher on this one: it looks like a 13 year old would wear it to Christmas dinner. Yes. 1000 times yes. The flower - we've all been OVER it since the first two challenges, Ven. You want to sit there and criticize Christopher for his shredded look (we'll get to that in a minute) and yet you keep wanting to do this Kiss From A Rose BARF-o-rama every single chance you can get. Stop it. STOP. IT.  I can honestly say I can appreciate the effort that goes into making something as detailed as that but that shit is tired.

Simple and elegant is the best way to describe Fabio's LBD.

I love the look. It's simple. It's chic. It's fabulous.  It's versatile to the max and it's still very much Fabio's design.  The asymmetry of the skirt is just subtle enough to not be intimidating and, even though you can't see it that well, the stretch tulle over the dress is a really sweet touch.  Sounds like I want to have babies with this dress.  I just might!

I think Alicia was inspired by Sporty Spice with this look.

I think she severely hurt herself by declaring that she can't make "sexy" outfits.  I think you can, Alicia, you just have to let yourself be free!  Break away from the menswear and try something girly - like last week!  If not, then I think you'll be struggling until you get Auf'd.

I wish I could play a loop of how Dmitry says Elena.  Exasperated sigh included.  Here's the dress that made her cry to her BFF Gunnar about losing her design vision.

I'm going to say that I LOVE this dress. I love the harness thing in the middle and I love the shape. Christopher said it was sweet and then crazy bitch at the same time. The only terrible thing about it?  The fabric choice. YUCK.  It doesn't drape well and that's what's KILLING the look for me.  I'm surprised this look was in the top.  The fabric choice alone should've been enough to put her in the middle or the bottom.  I would love this dress even more if the fabric was different.  If the designers had been allowed to go to Mood, this problem wouldn't be happening.  Lots of problems probably woudn't have happened...

Elena's BFF Gunnar had the wise idea to tie the collection together by bringing in elements from other designs that are currently in the collection.

While I agree with the judges about this dress being done before, I still like it!  It's a youthful take on the LBD - especially when you put it in the Lord and Taylor store. I have always had this vision of Lord and Taylor being stuffy and only for old ladies and everyone's designs definitely break that stereotype for me.  Gunnar's is sweet and I think he was smart for trying to tie up the collection.

Dmitry took his subtle lines to another level last night!

The way this model is posing right now is totally making me love the lines even MORE.  See how it moves with her body?  It's almost like those lines are attached to her body and they're following her every move.  And those little points at the neck?  Love them!  The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the styling - I don't think a ponytail was the best choice but...

Sonjia, the 80's called.  They said that Dynasty was missing a dress for a funeral and/or office scene.

This is what made her breakdown? This is why she was freaking out?  I'm glad the peplum is in and it's cute and all but dammit Sonjia, you made it look like it should be shoved back into Fashion Hell.  You took it to a place it should never go.  Well, you took it to a place that it had been before but it should've stayed there.  I was not a fan of this look at all.

Speaking of breakdowns, let's see what caused Melissa to breakdown.

Okay. I can see why Melissa would have conflicting feelings over this dress. While the neckline is cute and different, I think it might be a little too vampy for the Lord and Taylor crowd.  I think the fabric choice was perfect though.  It was cute with just enough shimmer to stay comfortably on the Classy side of things.  The asymmetric hem was a little too aggro for the judges and I have to agree.  I think the neck line would look more dramatic if the dress was gown or a mini skirt.

It seems as though Christopher had a lot to say about everyone else's looks but what about his?

Shredding technique aside, it was a pretty dress. Excuse me, it was a pretty gown.  That pale rose, light pink colour was perfect on his model and the whole look ended up coming together nicely.  I think it's funny how he totally knew he would get scolded for doing his signature technique but he stayed true to his vision all the way to the win.  The concept was cute.  Kors pointed out that he liked the separates look for a gown and I have to agree.  I think that aspect of it definitely brings the youthfulness into it.  BUT I'd like to see this technique, along with some others - I'm looking at you, Ven and Elena - go on the back burner until New York Fashion Week.

So who was eliminated?  NO ONE.  Poor Gunnar was the last one standing on the runway and I had a very sad Tweet ready to send to @gunnDEATH but I was glad to delete it!  But you know what that means?  DOUBLE ELIMINATION!  Next week probably.  They'll be on teams of 3.  And Dmitry is on a team with his most favourite designer EVER: Elena!  You know it's going to be awesome . . . ly terrible.  I feel a nuclear meltdown coming.  And maybe my dream of them cussing each other out in their native tongues will come true!  I guess we'll have to wait!