Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo post - All caught up!

Grandma's clock This photo goes along with a blog post from earlier... Action shots with my new camera Flower Sunbather Cashin out Smile Shenanigans Bakery Belgian waffle The Mad Tea Party The prettiest wedding invitation has come in! Jersey, here we come! Tamarindo Margarita Got scolded by Michael for adjusting audio levels. My bad! Masquerade Kitty Today's adventure: Mark finds himself on the other side of the camera for education filming Original Pinkberry with mochi & lemon crunch deliciousness Playing with the Wonder lens & W40 film. I love it already! Morning light Geode Bouquet

My Grandma's clock that she let me bring home from Puerto Rico / This photo goes with this post / Capturing shots of Tiago with my new Nikon D90 at work / A cute flower bloom I saw on a walk around the neighbourhood / A little bee guy / Cash register in the storage area at work.  See J's short film about it here / Tiago's daughter drew the cutest picture for his birthday and this always makes me smile when I pass by / Shenanigans with Mike during filming (he kinda reminds me of Crixus on Spartacus) / Neon at the Marietta Diner / Belgian Waffle from the Marietta Diner (so good!) / Brad's awesome belt buckle / Cassie and Mark's gorgeous wedding invitation / A delicious (and strong) Tamarindo Margarita from Bone Garden Cantina / My mandatory quarterly photo of Michael, the Audio Guy / My Masquerade Hello Kitty / Mark is used to being behind the cameras during Education filming but this time, the tables were turned / Yummy Pinkberry / Experimenting with the Wonder Lens and W40 Film on the Hipstamatic (my new favourite combo btw) / At just the right time in the morning, the sun hit the neightbour's car at just the right angle to produce these pretty reflections / A pretty geode at Lauren's / A pretty purple and green bouquet