Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hearts and Bones - Your perfect Fall soundtrack

I love receiving things in the mail - snail or electronic. I especially love it when I get links to music. As you know, I'm always on the quest for more music so this was a wonderful surprise - especially since it came from one of my most favourite local artists: brokenkites.

I'm not usually in the mood for quiet ambience but brokenkites has a wonderful, brooding kind of ambience that I'm always up for. Hearts and Bones definitely does NOT disappoint.

The tracks feel like they would fit right into the Drive soundtrack with their own full story in three acts. The music is strong and each track has its own personality that takes you on a journey from start to finish without leaving you unsatisfied.

While all the tracks are amazing, track 3 - the title track, Hearts and Bones - is my absolute favourite.  Its thumping melody is the perfect lead in to what's coming next - the start of what I would consider Act 2.  

Track 6 - No Truth But What You Believe - represents a sad incident that occurs to disrupt the harmony that had been happening before and tracks 7 and 8 - Nothing Not For Nobody and Permanent E respectively - feel like the "revenge" anthems.  Very Drive-worthy, if you ask me.

Track 11 - Zap - makes me feel as though all the conflict has been resolved and it is a welcome relief after the rush of emotions the previous tracks had put us through and track 13 - Ghosts - is the perfect end to any 3 Act story with just a hint of a sequel.  The story isn't over yet - and why would you want it to be?

All in all, Hearts and Bones is another amazing piece by brokenkites and you are definitely missing out if you don't download this right now.  In fact, you should do yourself a favour and download everything in the brokenkites music library.  Your iPod will thank you.

PS - I did a video for one of my all time favourite brokenkites songs: Sleep