Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puerto Rico photo post #1

Here's the first (of a few) photo posts with my photos from Puerto Rico.
These are from my Grandma's house. My sister and I used to climb the tree in front of my Grandma's house - a Flamboyan: Puerto Rico's national tree.  One of the things I love about the houses in Puerto Rico is the creative beauty of the iron gates on the houses.  None of them are exactly the same and it makes the houses and neighbourhoods they're in unique and lovely.

Childhood Childhood

Of course it wouldn't be my Grandma's house without a baby photo of me!
Baby KatzĂ­ Tree orchids

Even though it looks like a hibiscus, it's not. The Flor de Maga is known for its saucer-sized flowers and for growing on trees instead of bushes. They're gorgeous and I think they've definitely bumped the hibiscus down a few slots on my fave flower list (sorry hibiscus!)
Flor de maga - Puerto Rico's national flower El Morro - Old San Juan Street art - Old San Juan Old San Juan

My Mom took us to Kasalta on our first night and I had the pleasure of having a wonderful bistec (steak) sandwich. There's no photo of it because I was starving (sorry!) but I did manage to take a photo of the Tres Leches - which was AMAZING. My Mom said it wasn't as good as she remembered it (they used to sell pieces that were 3+ inches tall!) but it was still good. Bee tee dubs - President Obama has eaten there!
Tres Leches Waves Dorado beach sunset Shore Wave Wave

I've always loved this cemetery but I don't ever remember going inside. The day we went, we arrived, like, 15-20 minutes before closing time. My Aunt and my Mom tried to charm and plead with the guy who worked there to let us in but he was in a grumpy mood. I missed the whole conversation but one thing was for sure: dude was an asshole. Either way, I got some lovely photos (so did my old man). Maybe we'll get to go in next time...
Old San Juan Old San Juan Old San Juan Old San Juan

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