Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Runway: Fix My Friend - The Recap!

The only way I can sum up last night's episode is: Ven, you are a fucking asshole.
There, I said it.  So did most of Twitter last night...  And speaking of Twitter - I hate that it's my temporary replacement until I can get the live-blogging back on track.  And thank goodness it's temporary because I just don't feel right.  Last night, I had some GEMS and I feel like they fell flat on their Tweet faces and I should've called out certain designers on certain Tweets but I didn't because I didn't realize they had accounts until way later in the evening.
All of that aside, Twitter was reeling from Ven's fat shaming.  There's always one for the "Real Woman / Transformation / Makeover" Challenge.  I think it's funny that what I said last week: "Ven - have you looked in the mirror, bitch?!" - definitely held true to what really happened.

Let's start by railing Ven.

There is nothing flattering about this piece. The zipper looks cray, the top looks cray and clearly Ven didn't try to do anything creative with his model, hence the flats.  He was criticized by the judges for not listening to his client and taking into account what their jobs or hobbies are and it definitely showed.  I seriously thought I was going to cry when this poor girls' friend kept going to Ven saying stuff like, "This isn't her", "This is not right for her", etc.  I'm glad that the friend stood up for her, too, because I think if Terri (the model) had been on her own, she probably would've let this slide during the fittings and then had a very tearful breakdown on the runway.  Also, Ven's fat shaming was HORRIBLE!!!  How dare he say he's never designed over a size 4.  How dare he tell her that "black is very slimming".  How dare he point out that the belt didn't fit because she was too big.  Fuck off, Ven.

Alicia was WELL out of her comfort zone with a dress but she worked it out.


Kind of. The cut outs were cute until the back but the overall look was pretty.  The skirt was a little too short for my taste but her model was pretty.  Nice job Alicia!

Elena's had a weird back as well.  Take a look

It's still structured, it's still distinctly Elena but the back looked a little too weird for me - almost like her butt was too big for the extra fabric on the backside of the garment when that clearly is not the case.  At least her model was happy and Gunnar was giving Elena many props for actually being nice to her client.  See PR fans, Elena really does have feelings! 

Melissa was well under the radar this week, which made me upset.

One of the things I wrote was, "Good thing you have immunity this week. That scarf is NOT WORKING". Good thing Melissa realized that as well, but only a runway walk too late.  You don't kick ass to get immunity to throw it away on the next challenge!  Step it up!  And ditch the black!

Between gossiping about Ven being a douche and all other runway antics, Christopher turned this out

He was all, " I worked on the jacket for, like, 8 hours and my model ripped it off and crumpled it into a ball".  Aww.  I liked the draping and I wish the model would have left the jacket on a little longer because I barely saw it between tweeting and typing.  The only other thing was that I thought the dress was too short in the back but it was still cute. And bonus points for Christopher for thinking about multi-functionality for his client's outfit.

Poor Nathan.  He was stuck with an aspiring RnB singer (and her manager) to give her a makeover worthy of a *possible* career.

She wanted her midriff out. She wanted skin.  She wanted sexy.  She wanted it tighter.  She basically wanted 90's RnB girl group. Kors didn't like the sheer material.  He also said that she was "every cliché combined".  Ouch.  True, but still ouch.  Heidi thought she looked like a hoochie mama - which Alice Temperly had no idea what that meant...  This look sent Nathan home, sadly, but he wasn't about to compromise his idea and comfort level for this chick.  Oh well.

It was sad to see that Sonjia went way too safe this week. 

She picked her "safe" colour and a safe shape - for other silhouettes, maybe, not for her model.  Looking at the screengrab, her model looks way shorter and way wider than she really is.  She's pretty!  She needed something a little longer and something that looked a little less like Heidi's old maternity dresses.

Gunnar was FABS this week (as usual) but he really REALLY stepped it up because he understood the challenge more than the other designers.

His model was LOVING IT. She was working it on the runway, she totally was feeling her new haircut and Gunnar was treating her like a princess for a day - which was the right attitude for this challenge.  He even said that during her hair and makeup consult - "Make her look like a princess".  Perfect, Gunnar!  You know exactly how to treat your clients!  Fast forward to 1:53 in this video and this is his client's theme song FOR LIFE.

Dmitry.  Oh, Dmitry.  You said you needed a win last night.  You said you deserved a win but you're not sure if you're motivated.

I said you could win the "Cutest Designer Ever" award on Twitter (damn you alcohol).  You could also win the "Most Clever One-Liner" for one-way monkey (which, unfortunately, has run its course by now).  You could also win "Most Swoon Worthy Designer" after admitting you were a professional ballroom dancer.  Ugh.  Could you be any more dreamy?!  Your model DEFINITELY should have won "Best Haircut of the Night" award.  I think I will print the above photo out and take it to my stylist as soon as my undercut growth gets long enough to do this.  It's such a great cut and it would definitely be worth the extra prep time for me.  LOVE!  The dress is FABS, as usual, and I love all the subtle details you put into your designs.  So great!  He said it was structural without restraining her and his model admitted that the dress was changing her life!  Maybe being in the top 3 gave you the boost to fight for a win next week?  I hope so!  You can do it!

Who's left?  Dear Fabio.  His client was afraid of her femininity.  She thought it made her weak.  She's an artist and she's tough.  She wants to make sure people know she's not weak .  Fabio had "visions of gray".  So do I Fabio, so do I.  So how does Fabio take his 50 shades, if you will, and turn it into a make it work moment?  Like this!

SO. CUTE.  The haircut was FABS.  The patterns with the grays was FABS.  She looked tough and cute without surrendering to outdated gender roles.  It was WONDERFUL.  I was so happy to see Fabio designing for someone who could totally be his friend IRL, you know?  It was easy for them to click.  She wanted something very specific and he totally got her vision.  It was meant to be (nice one, producers).  I could tell Fabio had this one in the bag because he was Skyping with his BF back home - which usually means win-time.  I know the formula!  I've been doing this long enough!  The best part about this look?  Kors' comment: "It took a boy in a dress to get you in a dress!"  I can't wait for that screenshot on Kors' Metaphors!  Love it!  Great job, Fabio!  Keep up the good work!

Next week, their looks are being put into productions and in the entire preview, ALL the ladies were crying and breaking down why all the guys were laughing and making Cher faces (Christopher).  Should be interesting!